Nathan Baylet

Let’s PoP!

Passion or Pancakes Cover

Rom-Com Novel
Passion or Pancakes


Spin the clock back to 2013 and enjoy a party-licious San Francisco Saturday night in the sparkly Marina!

Kris and Bren meet up with friends yearning for passion or pancakes.

Mark and Chet also bar hop, yearning for fun too.

Anything can happen tonight: dancing, flirting, drunken tugs-of-war over the karaoke mic, and maybe even romance?

Have the most fun ever from a rom-com novel with the first book in this hilarious and heartfelt Marina series.

Published Through Paper Beach Publishing LLC

Upcoming​ Books

I am currently writing Book 2 in Nathan Baylet’s Marina Rom-Com Series: Bren’s romance! The release date would probably be in fall 2022.


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