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Passion or Pancakes Cover

Passion or Pancakes Audiobook

Sample Sound Clip of Chapter 3

Sunset, moonrise, and San Francisco become a galaxy of glittery little lights spread stunningly to a sailboat-sprinkled bay, and a love-red bridge all lit up pretty just for you and your friends to tipsily totter through the city’s golden lamp-lit streets, as you barhop, banter, laugh, drink, dance, drama, hook up, find romance, and maybe use your underwear as a Frisbee.

Sara Fargo narrates Passion or Pancakes’ journey through the funniest night ever!

Go out for a night on the town anytime you wanna feel wild and live it up with your fun new friends.

Cool summer ocean air, booze, and perfume, clacking high heels and thumps of bass beats, and goosebumps tingle as you feel this party town’s night roll in with the dreamlike fog.

But it’s not a dream; it’s your life and your Saturday night in the magical Marina, where anything can happen!

San Francisco
© Photo by Nathan Baylet